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Organizers are advocates of a charity or NPO. Their ultimate goal is to raise funds to support their charity or NPO. An organizer is the key to a successful fundraising event, and has several responsibilities, most of which are facilitated by betterif .

First, and organizer needs to make sure that their NPO of interest is listed on betterif . That can be done Here

Local Merchants decide to hold events: they will enter their available schedule on their calendar, and the Organizers can view this calendar for all local merchants. The Organizer applies to a specific Merchant to "Sponsor" this event.

If accepted, the organizer gets as many people to attend as possible. The success of the event, and the benefit to the charity, depends on good attendance. Usually this involves contacting and inviting friends, family, and members of the organization itself.

Betterif will also support the event via push notification (and listings) in the app, as well as an email campaign to any previous betterif members.

Often an organizer will have an idea to hold an event at a merchant that might not yet be listed on betterif . If the organizer can sign up the store owner via their affiliate link, a percentage of all betterif fees will be donated to their favorite NPO, for any future event at that store. If an organizer gets an entire neighborhood to register, then any even held (no matter if you or someone else organizes it) will generate income for your NPO.